From Here To Here

I whispered to their ears,
“I love you.”
I had to tell them with my breath.
They asked,
“How far did you travel?”
I touched my heart
And then the father’s chest,
I said,
“From here to here.”
They understood the rest.


This is for dVerse Pub of fantastic poets open mic night. Please read many more. These here are very talented and gifted. They make amatuers like me feel very welcome and at a home.


22 thoughts on “From Here To Here

  1. this is so magical henry..wow…from here to there can be a long way…glad you traveled it..from the heart to the father’s chest…probably a direct connection…probably it goes over hills and through dark valleys…..wow..so much in this…i like…

  2. Tender and evocative. It’s all in the touching. Love cannot be cliche in a context like this. I’m not even sure if you need the last line, though it does close it off in a very clear way. Short n’ special. Thank you.

  3. My niece Ava recently told her poppy that even when she couldn’t see him, he is always with her, because he lives in her heart…she’s four. The goodness in the world is made of moments like this…thank you Henry.

  4. Lots of potential here.
    It feels like it is cut from a story.
    “their ears” — who is “they”
    “The father’s chest” — which father?
    Who is “I”
    What is the setting?
    But maybe everyone else got it. I am an amatuer.

    too many unknowns but with words implying I should know.

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