Not Yet

I don’t want to take the tree down yet
I like the flickering lights
Reflecting balls
Beads strung round
Bows tied on for show
White frosted fir
Watered fresh again this morning

Unopened gifts

I don’t want to take the tree down yet


21 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. Up until the unopened gifts, you sounded like my husband. We have this fight every year. Just one of our traditions 😉 The unopened gifts, however…leaves my thoughts venturing down darker paths…why are they there? Why were they not opened? The reasons can not be good….and perhaps will find themselves in one of my writes…Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday Henry…and hope you got to open your presents. Here’s to a most poetic 2013! Bring on the Renaissance!

  2. i am too late….already took mine down…now i feel a bit sad about it…made nice to feel the passing of it though…maybe because mine was artificial…if it had been real i would have wanted it to live a bit longer….

  3. stuartmcphersonpoet says:

    Its the line- ‘unopened gifts’ that give this a real mystery..and it made me think about missing people- people unable to open the gifts, and that takiing the christmas treee down would mean that they won’;t have the opportunity to open them. SO- taking the tree down leaves their memoried to linger. Sorry for rambling, and apologies if i get the message wrong!…ia ctually think that while this is written simply (and that isn’t a criticism)..it actually is quite deep and complex. V much enjoyed

    • Thank you. And I don’t mind any rambling, I appreciate the thought afforded my simple words, especially concerning this image of a decorated tree dying, trying to be kept alive, with unopened presents underneath. I know what it means to me and the part of my heart it represents, but I offer it at Christmas to see what the entire scene means to other poet minds. And I have received a wide variety of responses which is good. This piece can be as shallow or as deep as it is to be read. Ima just glad it meant something to those who read it. Thanks again for the close look. Have a happy new year!

  4. take everything, but please…. leave the TREE! To think it is one year until the next tree. there really ought to be another similar celebration mid-year, I think. happy new year, henry.

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