Other days – other times
Days and times
That never rhymes
Never rhymes

The end of day brought swift stray clouds
Arrayed in red
With streaks of black
In skies of gray(ish) lines
That did not rhyme
With missing metre
But spoke of dead
Chapped and blue
Another tune

Other days – other times
Days and times
Bled out of – rhymes

Sometimes a day – is just
A day –
Give me a break


7 thoughts on “WTF

  1. But spoke of dead lips chapped and blue…Henry…I sense frustration…helplessness, as though the writer is throwing his hands in the air…done with this world…does without rhyme mean without reason? There are times when you absolutely shine in your riddles…like unopened presents…this one has left me wondering where your muse danced for inspiration…My apologies if I’m totally off base…another very early morning here… 😉

  2. ha yes it is…and sometimes the songs that come to us are for diffrent days, so just put it in your notebook for then…smiles…and somedays the words just dont come no matter how much we try…smiles…

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