And Further By

Where is green grass
Why do I slip
And slide
And fall on my ass
In my winter days of shortened lengths of light

Where is my grip
Why do I smoke
And drink
And forget to sip
In my shortened lengths of lit winter days

Where is the joke
Why do I laugh
And snort
And trip like a bloke
In the light with my winter days short of length

Is there a path
Why do I ask
And hope
And act like an ass
In winter days of my short lengths of light

Says a voice in a song on a street corner downtown
In the winter
With a sound
I heard while passing by – slowly – as light dimmed to night – and flicked my cigarette into the street – and muttered –
Damn man – flipping up my coat collar – as I passed further by – and further by – and further by –


11 thoughts on “And Further By

  1. very interesting…these short and dark winter days can surely play tricks on us…was thinking of the folks up in the north where the days are even shorter..very, very cool scene there in the closure as well..

  2. ha i like this much man…the freedom of line length allowed you to really spin this one…you built it well, but the end is def my fav part…ha, nice dialogue there…and it was easy to see as well…

  3. Nice weaving of the story in the form, very seamless ~

    The shortened days of winter as a refrain was a great creative touch ~ And that last stanza, you just ripped it away ~

  4. Agree with Tony – the refrain line makes so much sense. I tried this (the weave) with something longer and kept losing track of the odd line and rhyming the wrong one. Finally abandoned it as a bad choice. I like this very much!

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