Ominous Concerto


An ominous concerto


Chords of war

blow within


‘cross green seas

of meadow grass

behind homes


stored within

vessels flesh



hiding from

shattered glass

and angry blasts

of cannon’s bark

and bomber’s will

to die and kill

and kill and kill


The siren’s fiddle warns in the middle

of our field

out back

in the year

of war

below blue skies

swirling black


An ominous concerto


11 thoughts on “Ominous Concerto

  1. ok, fessing up…we are watching the second season of downton abbey which is the war…so i have it on my mind…its brutal all the dying…and for what? music on the battlefield had to add to an eerie atmosphere….

    • If the killing and the death were a muscian, this would be my picture, and the effect of its sound to those who hear it. I was aimming perspective for Middle East, but I can vision England too, especially with the movies you mention, as being a good backdrop for this work. Thank you for braving a comment 🙂

      • I left out a stanza about an oasis that I couldn’t get to sound correct. But this fear of war even reaches the rich parts of middle east with grass far removed from sand. None can hide the music of this war, or any war. It touches all of our ears. This painting is actually a Jewish work of art, I guess I should caption, but I diid not want to slant my write to one perspective. Not that I don’t support the Jewish, but these wars touch is all, and the sound of war cannot be hidden from anywhere these days. That is the tie with picture to my confusing choice of words.

  2. Hi Henry! Music n war, well they always had bugles, horns, etc. and when you go to a funeral of a veteran over here, you get a gun salute. At least the one I went to years ago did that. I think the violin would be soooo sad 😦

  3. I have been very blessed to not have to experience this song personally….though through my history I have lived vicariously through the tales of those who lived to tell them. I watch our world in disbelief as we continue to sacrifice innocents to something I have no hope of understanding. Your piece as always is musical and once again heavy…I do love the image you selected…lends some color to the dark…as much of a contradiction as that is.

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