Sharpened Edge of Sunlight

On sharpened edge of sunlight
Knifing barren startled limbs
Slicing swollen eyelids open
It woke me – nude – and stained with night

The gust was golden breath from heavens
Cold – as it was hot
My fall was fast and far and futile
Escape – was lost – entrapped – a fail

You said you’d always love me
When rivers flowed or froze in spite
Your song would always sing forgiven
Whether naked – bruised – or fright-ened

Sharpened edge of sunlight
I love you

A Minuscule Exploration Through Regenerated Beams Of Sunlight from Karen Abad on Vimeo.


A Deeper Etch

Breathe in
Breathe out
Every tick reaches a new goal
Sets another
Coffee was good yesterday
A joke about my butt jiggle
His snoring
The depth of wrinkles when we laugh
Creases of love
A thump on the pantry floor
An escaping silence choked my throat
creases became crevasses
Etched deeper in a second
A thump’s echo
A donkey’s hind legs
Kick my stomach
My life escapes in fleeting bursts of storm
that silent weather change
you know
that sneeks and creeps
and slaps your face with cold fingers so suddenly
I try to breathe
I live by seconds
Between the silence
The pain of ticks
Breathe in
Breathe out
My eyes lie
Tell tales of untruth
A dream stuck in drive
No breaks
A mountainous road
Too close to the cliff
Tires screaming
Screeching in protest
Why doesn’t the alarm start buzzing
Why can’t I smell coffee brewing
It’s a case of grand theft
Someone stole yesterday’s sun
Today’s an imposter

Kelvin is hosting Poetics at dVerse for the first time and he brought some of his artwork to the pub and wants us to write to it in an artistic, impressionistic and suggestive style which he explains in detail in his article that you can check out at http://dversepoets.com/


Of Things Private

I see eyes of voices
Hear hearts in trees
Feel the pulse of breezes
Chase scents of green leaves

I visit once a year
Leave red petals of ceibo
And sing of –
Well –
Of things private –
And fly back home

I feel warmth through stone
love through trimmed grasses
kisses from lost lips on cheeks cold
and taste tears tethered behind black – sunglasses


My Dreams Keep Me Awake

My dreams keep me awake
So lost in sheets of sweat
In knots of silk with frowns
In darkness waves I drown
So tossed
So lost
So round in squares of doubt

My dreams
Keep me


For Gay Cannon’s prompt at dVerse Poets Pub

change, Coping, Loss, Love, Regret


In the hills of Sierra de los Padres
A bus slid off – a muddy roadway
And rolled and rolled without a skid
And left a kid – alone – on Sunday

She drove from church with laughing niños
And dropped them off – uno por uno
While el hijo stayed home and waited with papá
In the llora of rain on the edge of Negro

Madre de mi amor

I now live north with frozen rain
Draw my bow – slow – from Domingo’s pain
When I was young – and roads – húmedo
Madre de mi amor

How far must I go

For dVerse Poets Pub Open Mic Night


Still Gone Still Sad

My Andela is still gone
And I’m still sad
The Grand Canyon remains deep
The White Desert – still dry – salty – like tears – dried – by – time
Sunshine hides behind rumpled clouds of gray
Eyesight shortens – blurs – fades
Shirtsleeves stay long – buttoned
Eyeglasses darken – darker
Daylight sheltered by shades – pulled down – tight
And then covered with drapes
No – life is not right
My Andela is still gone
And I’m still sad


Lost in Translation – Ha – Says the Dragon

Män som hatar kvinnor
I’m watching a subtitled trilogy
Confusing translations
It would appear
Flicka som hatar kvinnor
Now if all the words start with a capital letter
There is one meaning
If you just captalize the first letter of the sentence
It is another
But it is the perfect title for this film
And the book that spawned it
Even though they are differently – the same
Some are not insane
Bara förlorat i översättningen
Art can be more than random
Briljans kan vara konst