Sharpened Edge of Sunlight

On sharpened edge of sunlight
Knifing barren startled limbs
Slicing swollen eyelids open
It woke me – nude – and stained with night

The gust was golden breath from heavens
Cold – as it was hot
My fall was fast and far and futile
Escape – was lost – entrapped – a fail

You said you’d always love me
When rivers flowed or froze in spite
Your song would always sing forgiven
Whether naked – bruised – or fright-ened

Sharpened edge of sunlight
I love you

A Minuscule Exploration Through Regenerated Beams Of Sunlight from Karen Abad on Vimeo.


27 thoughts on “Sharpened Edge of Sunlight

  1. I really like thinking about ‘sharpened edge of sunlight. I can picture this from poem, and I also really like “Your song would also always sing forgiven.” That is the best kind of song!

  2. nice…the sharpened edges of sunlight..great image and nice touch to come back to them in the end as well…the you said you would always love me is def emotive as well…cool piece man…sounds nice in the mouth…smiles.

  3. Whether intended or not–I saw those barren limbs, startled because it had been so long since they had experienced that sudden change from darkest night to a morning ablaze. And the ise dripped from them to struggling springs of grass below.

    See? Ya REALLY got me goin’ here!
    Did I write that “Yes, I like it!)?

  4. mon français n’est pas très bon, Henry
    mais j’essaie d’entendre ce beau poème en français ainsi

    la lumière du soleil
    brillait sur ​​le corps nu
    tranchage ouvrir les paupières
    Il m’a réveillé – nu

    à partir de la nuit

  5. Yes, Henry, beautiful and so colorful. The cutting edge of sunlight matches those grass blades and then at the end you have a girl frolicking. Somehow this is quite emotional.

  6. I want to be that sharpened edge of sunlight if I’m being perfectly frank. To be responsible for inspiring such a write…I could probably die happy. Henry…this one is fantastic and the image brilliant…you were in the zone with one. I’m not calling new favorite yet…I’ve still got some reading to do. 😉

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