The Breach of Human’s Reach

Splintered stars streak
Blackface smile fragments
Solar screams breach human’s reach

It’s all spray painted on a train car headed to Philly
It has to be true

Head on over to D’verse, where for this week’s Poetics, Fred is hosting an evening of short verse. Doors opened at 3pm. Go read some more.


21 thoughts on “The Breach of Human’s Reach

  1. ha…well if its on the internet its true…not sure about a train car…actually train cars and toilet stalls carry some great poetry….and if they wrote it , it is true to someone….hey even short verse you got good rhythm…and the alliteration pulls it out the gate quick…

  2. Great use of alliteration and assonance to pull this one off to a fast start – then the gritty realism of the train car going to Philly. Much enjoyed 🙂

  3. I missed this one all together! Life has been super busy. I reside in a house right beside a train bridge…my desk in front of a window where I drift to when the words are stuck and the train rolls by. If I confessed the amount of time I spend trying to decipher the graffiti…no one would think I wrote anything. I’m left smirking…truth I’ve yet to discover in the spray painted words, but they have been known to occasionally tickle my muse.

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