The Scream

Slivers of glass
Shards of past
Slice bare feet
Footprints of blood
Race over the edge
How do you scream with type written words
Silence pools at The End
Redeeming quality is this is third person observation
I saw a man throw his laptop through a café window
He screamed but I cannot capture its depth
Whatever he was trying to type
Died as a delivery truck for a florist ran over and crushed his frustration
He screamed a second time and stormed out the door
And left his dead words behind
I went out and picked up what pieces I could
I have a friend who could probably rescue the words
But I think I will let them die and toss them in the canal tomorrow
I don’t think I ever want to know the depth of that scream
Might hit too close to home
But I’ll stare at the pieces a while longer


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