Created To Reduce Friction

Philip Vaughan must be spinning in his moss stained stone Welsh grave

Like a loose ball bearing
Rolling back – and – forth
Side – to – side
ECho – ENtombed – TIMber
As deep earth shakes
As fresh graves – WAKE
To REkindled nightmare


16 thoughts on “Created To Reduce Friction

  1. aqua dragon fruit says:

    I think this short presentation is extremely effective. Fantastic ending: “As fresh graves – WAKE
    To REkindled nightmare”

    • Unsettling indeed, did you know the rolling-elements of a rolling-element bearing ride on races. The large race that goes into a bore is called the outer race, and the small race that the shaft rides in is called the inner race.

      • Maybe I should have wrote: Like a loose ball bearing
        Freed from its race …
        That line I think would have made this over the top unsettling; especially considering the one spinning in his grave is the inventor of the ball bearing. Prayers again for the USA, Boston, and world. Maybe one day again, a simple ball bearing, can just be what it was created for in the industry of life with less friction.

  2. Interesting work it speaks volumes ..perhaps, the world is in need of more self aligning bearings…the inner ring self contained in the outer ring of life..the speeding raceway of rotation..allowing for some misalignment that is thrown in the roadway..something to ponder

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