Rain Again

Third day dawned – dingy damp,
Seasoned sad – a poor time – trapped,
Half smile – strained – a toothless gap,
‘tween April’s breast – of beauty drained.

A bad place – bald – of fortune – pained,
Rain again – it rained again,
Rain again – it rained again.
Morning mourned – in coveralls.

Tractor groaned – in low gear – crawl,
Third day dawned –
Dingy Damp –
Seasoned sad –
A poor time – trapped.
A half smile – strained,
It rained – again.


16 thoughts on “Rain Again

  1. ha. i like…nice rhythm sir…luckily no rain just sun here…dont need that grass to grow too deep…got the tractor fixed just last week…the repetition of the rain speaks its monotony…

  2. Great work, the short descriptive phrases are like sure brushstrokes–it makes me think of a photo I once saw of a dustbowl farmer during the Depression. Very fine!

  3. Rhonda L. Brockmeyer says:

    Well…could be worse…here…it snowed again today. 🙂 Lovely little lines that speak of the awaiting farmer.

  4. dragyonfly says:

    (A new rendition of Rain rain go away…eh?)
    LOL…I love this bit of rainy pain and dreary remorse for a crop trapped in water…thanks, Henry!!

  5. I too thought of the farmer facing either rain or drought.. dustbowl or upper Midwest…anywhere…it must exact much on the soul…nicely written with great emphasis in phrasing

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