A Requisite

An apparition of midnight’s kennel,
nocturnal tongues slurp stray light – lost;
is a symbol of peace – bled/spilt/unguarded.

Under failed stars slumber,
I reason with one friendless theory,
as we stoop behind stony piles – and spy;
where choke-chained loco diablos, deep in black forest hardwoods, howl – – eyes bulging red.

A requisite to treasure dawn.


13 thoughts on “A Requisite

  1. epp…what a night eh? but we must pass through it to get to dawn…though hopefully not always in such company…as diablos…smiles…this was different than your usual rhythm…

  2. Nice–the nightmares do seem to be requisite. “Choke-chained”–powerful image, makes me wonder if the monsters are as dangerous as they appear, or if they are limited in their ability to harm us. Excellent poem, gets deeper at every reading.

  3. David Eric Cummins says:

    Very cool. Love the way the imagery puts sounds to it (slurp, choke-chained, howl). Really brings it to life. Brilliant.

  4. The dawn would seem so welcome after such a dark night. The “friendless theory” was intriguing: a theory about being friendless, a theory that wouldn’t find itself in anyone else, a combination of the two, or perhaps a theory that is left all alone once the dawn arrives?

  5. I can clearly understand the contrast between day and night… but do we really need nightmares to appreciate dawn.. very interesting thoughts, and a haunting description of nightmares. Though I live almost in absence of night at the moment (thus is summer in the far north)

  6. hmmm..interesting write here one must be weary on the trail to the other side where darkness lurks within the dream world. Apparitions hollow eyes will follow thee under failed stars..something for me to ponder..which comes first darkness or light?

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