Dirty Love

A riff with a whiff of Zappa,
Mother’s invention flying solo
above forbidden yellow snow,
outside St. Alfonzo’s
at the foot of Billy’s Mountain
where Ethel sniffed the riff
and rattled her limbs,
flicked her Bic
and almost burnt slam up!
Thank God the Rangers were still getting paid……..
Saved her ass.
“The riff has some wit,”
Billy quipped as he quaked and coughed and lent an ear.

E E E E E E E G F# E E|—-x—–x\—|—–x—–x———|–x—–x——-x–x—x—x——–| B|—-9—–9\—|—–9—–9———|–9—–9——-9–12–11–9——–| G|—-9—–9\—|—–9—–9———|–9—–9——-9–12–11–9——–| D|—-9—–9\—|—–9—–9———|–9—–9——-9–12–11–9–5—–| A|—-7—–7\—|—–7—–7———|–7—–7–9/11—-10–10–7——–| E|-x—–x——-|–x—–x—–b2r-0–|—–x—————————0–|

“Now that’s some Dirty Love from the boys in D.C.,” a handsome parish lady joked, dodging a boulder loosed from Billy’s shoulder; turning a phrase outside St. Alfonzo’s.

A riff with a whiff of Zappa,
And a free pancake breakfast with no munchers,
Because the park is closed, man.
Dirty Love, indeed.