Our Touch

She speaks while I’m drinking, she’s whispers a kiss of words.
She cries on my pillow, caresses my hand with hers.
Soon she will ask me, “Can I stay the night?”
And I pray, “Your touch arouses me to write.”

We fly to a cafe and Sara T. turns to me,
This lyrical poet who’s stealing sips of steeped tea.
Then I will ask her, why she stays the night?
And she sings, “Your touch arouses me to write.”

We share through our times because we hear
The love songs in our hearts.

Lost in the marvel of our touch
Hides the spark that blinds my eyes to love alive today.
Yet – our jet flies me home and I crawl back into bed.
So she opens the window and kisses my sleepy head,

That’s when it hits me, as she fades from sight,
And I pray, “Your touch arouses me to write.”
As she sings, “Your touch arouses me to write.”

Yes it is Sara Teasdale I am writing about; pictured above. Claudia at dVerse is hosting Poetics today and we are to write conversational/interaction poems with famous and/or historical people. Sara Teasdale has always been a favorite of mine. I love lyrical poetry. Check the rest out at http://dversepoets.com/ today starting at 3 p.m. eastern time. Thank you!


23 thoughts on “Our Touch

  1. very cool henry… love that the inspiration is vice versa…like it is so often with poets…very cool interaction…love the intimacy in this as well and all the little touches like stealing sips of steeped tea..

  2. the spark that blinds my eyes to love alive today…ha i like that line…it speaks to why you chose her, but also your desire…really like the intimacy in this…and i like how you inspire each other….very cool response…

  3. Henry!!! Do you love her enough to sing her a song…maybe one we can hear…like this one? Outstanding…I’ve goosebumps…and my confessions stop there!

    • Ha. I wish I could. I did sing a version of it earlier in the week. but thank you for the comment and recognizing its musicality. I’ll see what I can do, but unfortunately the freedom I once enjoyed, artisically, has vanished, or been greatly restricted.

  4. Getting to spend an evening with your muse would really be the best thing of all, wouldn’t it? I love the back and forth in this, and the acceptance at the end.

  5. aprille says:

    Henry, this is sweet and you made her into a real person for me.
    I hadn’t read any of her work, but just founds ome and will go through it. Thanks for acquainting me with your idol.

  6. …very romantic Henry… i can clearly feel the connection as if is you’ve both stayed together for a long time sharing same passion & interests… excellent and i guess i will be reading this again later… smiles…

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