Rain Again

Third day dawned – dingy damp,
Seasoned sad – a poor time – trapped,
Half smile – strained – a toothless gap,
‘tween April’s breast – of beauty drained.

A bad place – bald – of fortune – pained,
Rain again – it rained again,
Rain again – it rained again.
Morning mourned – in coveralls.

Tractor groaned – in low gear – crawl,
Third day dawned –
Dingy Damp –
Seasoned sad –
A poor time – trapped.
A half smile – strained,
It rained – again.


Created To Reduce Friction

Philip Vaughan must be spinning in his moss stained stone Welsh grave

Like a loose ball bearing
Rolling back – and – forth
Side – to – side
ECho – ENtombed – TIMber
As deep earth shakes
As fresh graves – WAKE
To REkindled nightmare