The Doves

A dove
with bomb
tied tight
to wing
in flight.
projects of brick
and lack.
A Stran-
ger, peace
on streets
of win-
ter night.
One child
hides from
ing black.

It’s sad
this traitor, Peace,
a hunter trained;
Borne from
old wombs
of greed
and a-
ged wine.
Would hunt to spill its mother’s breast
for gain;
And kill
its twin
she lives
her life.

But scream so loud Heaven will shake and wake
and scream again so Hell knows well you’re there
and rend your clothes and stand naked and wait
and see and hear if angels trumpets blare.

A lightning bolt
will burn the dove
to dust.
And traitor, Peace,
will drown
in tears
and rust.


When Floods Collide

I am a flood 

I do not taste prejudice cups of coffee or

the bloating eye ignored by sunlight

But one spicy bean soup steaming hot and

bowled in smoked glass cupped hands

warming ingredients for my winter

ailments – bashing, blood, and bruise

Rasped howling slashes cursing exploration’s

intervention to stop boiling angers

Where hated orchids rooted in old swamps

spit on my face

spit on my race

I am the rain-crying murder

louder than a flood flashing

Ripping my faith foundation

Forgotten by the death of war

I am a flood


For dVerse Open Mic Tuesday


Blue House

Perched blue house
crowns of granite
the sound of satisfaction
grins under surrendered blue sky sighs
weathers pretenders like Juan without a twitch
a champion’s chin
standing over a contender’s crumpled eastern gulf stream wind
out of breath
beaten back

Perched blue house

twisting to guitar riffs
in boiling pots
dancing from life to dead
party crustacean
steaming hot
give me a bib
some butter and garlic
play that sh*t again


I’m just a man
that dreams
in flavored creams
Nova Scotia summer
blue sky strumming
hummer’s bumming
gas price stunning
but I don’t care
it’s life’s two weeks notice
leave me the … (momma taught me not to say some words)
listen to the rock
from the rocks
that mock the shock
from Atlantic swells of
and flocks of
double crested cormorants
inland hiding
until their time to fly good bye
for awhile

Perched blue house


My Nova Scotia Summer

H*ll yes

Give me a double shot
of that dream on rocks
and tell Kid to play that sh*t


Dream Gold

Mining for pay streak
big poke full of color
flour gold float
my sluice box dreams

Troy ounces to the twelfth
Workin’ some bedrock
‘bove birthing veins of rich
staking my claim

in the black sands
in the BADlands

Belly to the gravel bar
drink big poke full color
in my sluice box dreams


For dverse with a raspy gulf coast cold and a cheap Logitech mic and too much echooooooo on my ancient but faithful travel one ton laptop; can survive any trip. Yes, any excuse for lack of talent.




One pearl is barred from a pasture of sod.

It will blame doubt, like dying from cook’s oil;

It scatters from a brightness, like the booze of toil

Flushed. When do gems then bleed heart red with fraud?

Accusations half flawed, half flawed, half flawed;

And straw is smeared with jade; jeered, steared to spoil;

And stone stands judged and stares past hell: old soil

Is new now, for man’s soul feels, being god.


And from womb’s bliss, babies are heaven’s scent;

Prayer gives the rarest, truest, fresh gold rings;

And slow the fast nights cough the brushed west spent

See, dawning, as the bronze glaze eastward, sings – –

Applaud the holy pearl’s lone assent

Jeweled harps with worn crests cry with awe!  sprung strings.


A weak attempt at Sprung Rhythm for dVerse




Two faces of attractive twins wave over a Quebec apartment like full moons.


They are not Siamese, but their soul has divided into separate blooms.


A cello is rarely heard playing in a honky-tonk.


But these twin faces can party anywhere; though only one is inwardly happy.





Eyes empty visions of life from the forest. Eyes empty wide rivers.

Eyes empty tree carved canoes washed up under weeping willows.

Unplugged blue eyes erase love;

Eyes close to the groans of technical ecstasy in 4G.


Unemployed eyes wither in winter’s white noise.

Eyes search for acoustic faith.

Eyes drown in whirlpools of blindness.

Eyes starve below default blue screen seas.


Oblitus oculos mori lento mortem.

(Forgotten eyes die a slow death)




Blue Balloon



One blue balloon bounces

above a sharp red tack.

One blue balloon bounces

blowin’ in the breeze.


It may be a planet of gas,

in a galaxy tied with string,

twirling inside a universe of shattered stained glass.


It may be a glutton’s heart,

or the bruised eye of a swirling storm

ripping a Quartier Français apart.


It may be a suicide bomber’s final thought

before hearing the final prayer of children

in a small schoolhouse, taught the Golden Rule.


The image may be a bad idea,

seconds before it realizes fail,

and explodes in the clouds and sails in streaks to the sea.


It may be a hydrogen bomb,

suspended above an unsuspecting society,

a breath before their faces disappear, forever.


Or it may just be the punchline,

of a clever little joke,

that makes the right girl laugh, at the right time.


Actually, what could possess more hypotheses,

than one blue balloon bouncing above a sharp red tack?


A Song I never Knew

I sing a song I never knew

in a bar out on the bay

far away from me and you

and the words I heard you say


my fingers bleed on my guitar

I close my eyes to hide the tears

I sing a song I never knew

far away from me and you


in a bar out on the bay

I free the pain from in my heart

and the words I heard you say

when you left me in the dark


thank you dad that I can sing

and can play on my guitar

and can smile to hide love’s sting

up on the stage in this old bar


I love the whiskey and the smoke

and the lights that blind my eyes

and the cheering of the folk

drowning out your drunken lies


I sing a song I never knew

I sing a song I never knew

I sing a song I never knew

and I owe it

all to you


and I owe it

all to





You you you, say say, you say,

love love, may may, love may, may love

true true true, nay nay, true nay,



Half dead fly streams live from web

a craft of net from spider cast

a coat of silk does spin its death

today, today, caught live, today


Do do, you you, do you, you do

eat rice, fresh fish, with sticks, red lips

spit spit, chew chew, spit chew, spew spit

Popped zit, half wit, you you, you do


love love, may may, love may, may love