My Work For This Work

My four o:clock alarm clock yanks me out of bed and I stretch and ride my bike and shower, drink orange juice, and go to my studio, and work with my cellos and violins.

I work like this everyday. In the rain. In the snow. In the heat. In the sadness and disappointments of life. In the victories. In the sicknesses.

I work making my body and instruments one. I work to make my heart beat in time with the work of a master from another time, who worked a different schedule to work out his or her unity of creative interpretation.

This I do not get paid for. This work I do for no monetary pay. This I work for family. And tradition. And responsibility.

And for the different scent of joy this brings. A flower set in the front of the garden. An aroma of order that perfumes the work for the work.

But when it is time to play, I play, I have fun, I express joy. And I get paid. The money is good.

But the reward of work, is greater.

This is just one work, in a garden of works, I selected for this work. A work passed down to me, through blood, and a strict rod of discipline.

I have other works, but this work is family, and that is why I work this work first and protect it like a lion does his kill.

When I hear applause, and see my fellow players wipe a tear and smile, I know my work, our works, have worked to make a greater work, united … many works as one work, the majesty of works as
one work.
A garden worth the effort.


18 thoughts on “My Work For This Work

  1. the reward of work is greater….true that…when you see it come to fruition and feel it makes a difference or something special…and protect it like a lion does his kill…nice…and you should…And for the different scent of joy this brings….nice…really like that stanza…cool how you change up the voices with most every stanza…

  2. leahJlynn says:

    Bravo and a, this amazed me a collaboration of all peoples to create this onder piece of work of yours. so happy I pressed play. :)))))))

  3. yep…i like…that’s the way to work..because we want it, because it’s in us, not because of the money or because we have to or because others tell us but because our heart tells us..

  4. Henry, of things I have read by you, this is THE best. The words resonate with me, touch me deeply. Yes, hopefully we all have something in our lives that is THIS kind of ‘work,’ not the work we do for money but the work that we love and feel and do for ourselves AND family.

  5. Ab fab, Henry.
    Both the idea of it and the execution:
    Are these different people? Real people or voices?
    You are so inventive. It is a pleasure to visit. What about the orchestral background?
    Curiouser and curiouser 🙂

  6. all time oldes says:

    Love how this ended and how the emotion within builds. I particularly like “I protect it like a lion does his kill.” It’s a great illustration through poetry. Pam

  7. poemsofhateandhope says:

    Absolutely fascinating…and by thebusenof many different voices you make this universal….work- a different type of work here…working in an orchestra….the concept of the orchestra is also universal…as you could argue that in all of our different endeavours…we all play a part in one….I like what you say about defining ‘work’- work doesn’t have to have a monetary reward….work can be the things we love…work can be just living…and in living…and creating…there is satisfaction…so creative …really really enjoyed this

  8. and that is the very best kind of work, those labors of love…
    “And for the different scent of joy this brings.”… yes, for that.

  9. I like the reference to the work you do being to replay the work of another musician before you, it reminds me how music really stands the test of time and runs a thread through our very being right back in history.

  10. This is really beautiful in its joy and depth of so many aspects of the musical work, playing off the meaning of work as music and work put in to make the work real. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

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