Piranha Fear

Why I fear piranhas.

So low
So alone
So not – home
I can hear my heart
I can hear my heart
Beat solo
And the echo hurts
So low
So – in my bones
So not – so not – home

So I play
The rhythm

Piranhas ain’t got shit on you

So I play – the rhythm
Of a thousand bites

I can hear my heart
I can hear my heart

So I toke

The rhythm

Of a cold blunt

And watch the smoke – blow away

So I play


So not – home

But – so – so – stoned


31 thoughts on “Piranha Fear

  1. poemsofhateandhope says:

    like a pure blues riff….homesickness…something about the mdma pounding a beating heart….and the pirahnas (people?)….i like the starkness, the marijuana infused bluesiness and fear…..very cool

    • Thanks. Muted fear can’t stop the piranhas. And yes, Jack can play a riff, no doubt. I’ve heard … marijuanna may calm thousands of fears on the outside, but adds to the ones enternal. Appreciate your visit, your prompt, and comment. I always like reading your work, and perspective on whatever you are writing about.

    • Heaven, dear, thank you. I think maybe, fear stoned works here, lol. But glad you caught the beat and rhythm, my fear is that the small things get overlooked when I throw piranha images out there. Thanks.

    • henryclemmons says:

      Thank you, Mary. I try to be very clever and I can’t help the rhythm thing, it jusy keeps showing up. I appreciate your visit and kind words as always.

  2. Paranoia….the price paid for the wonderful moments of blissful nothingness…too much of this resonates with me, Sir.Wordweaver…I’ve spent many lonely evenings with my muse while those thoughts circled in for the kill…of course…it could simply be a totally Jack inspired pen…but that’s not the vibe I’m personally picking up on 😉 Loved it

    • henryclemmons says:

      I’m glad you showed, tashtoo. Lonely nights with your muse. Very interesting. I may give that some study. Kool. But thank you for the comment. And I am glad I could create a vibe that could be picked up on. Glad you loved it.

  3. I once smoked a couple of puffs and got the giggles so bad, everything was funny. This is melancholy Henry. The thought of piranhas chomping away at flesh is a truly yucky one. I can see that a whole toke might make the world seem like a better place on the outside but, it doesn’t cure the inner demons. It just quiets them for a while. Enjoyed this very much.

  4. Oh this is good… I felt my heart pump and that feeling of paranoia…the repetitiveness in this brings it home… and that raw music… I just loved everything. I’ve never heard of Jack White…so good!

  5. hedgewitch says:

    Yeah–why I finally stopped getting high–too many piranhas in my head–but there are plenty of them running around with two legs, too. Like these lyrics to a funked up song that goes on and on…

  6. Well I don’t know what more to add except that this is an honest bluesy soul song that brings that fear right to the reader…the weed reference seals it 😉

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